Toothbrush Aid

  • $149.99

This is a simple, easy to use, one-of-a-kind assistive device to aid in independent oral hygiene. It is a great device for people with mobile disabilities such as arthrogryposis, ALS, cerebral palsy, and others.

With a long and flexible, yet sturdy gooseneck, you can position your toothbrush anywhere you need it enabling you to brush your teeth independently with ease.

A smooth motioned ball joint lets you twist and turn your toothbrush to get the very back teeth and tongue to make sure you get all the plaque and bacteria so your breath smells great all day!

This device comes in a variety of colors.

Please note: Each device is made at order so it may take 2 - 3 weeks for your device to arrive. Feel free to ask for an update on your order at any time.